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About Truyu

What is Truyu?
Who can use Truyu?
Why is Truyu in a pilot?
What does Truyu cost?
Will creating a Truyu account impact my credit score?
What alerts will I receive?
Why should I care if my identity is being used online?
Why should I care if my email is part of a data breach?

Your Personal Data

What data does Truyu collect and how is it protected?
How does Truyu use my data?
Can someone else monitor me if they have my data?

ID Usage Alerts

How do ID usage alerts work?
What businesses can you detect ID usage at?
What do I do if I receive an ID usage alert, and it was me?
What do I do if I receive an ID usage alert, and it was not me?
I have multiple names. Can I use ID usage alerts?
What if someone else has the same name as me?
Can I use a digital driver's licence to set up ID usage alerts?
I tried to set up ID usage alerts, but it says ‘One more step…’?
My ID was used. Why was I not notified?
How do I unsubscribe from ID usage alerts?

Data Breach Alerts

How do data breach alerts work?
What happens if my data is exposed in a data breach?
What does dark web monitoring mean?
Why don’t I recognise a business that exposed my data in a data breach?
I was in a data breach. Why don’t I see an alert for it?

Replacing Your ID Documents

How do I replace my driver’s licence?
How do I replace my other ID documents?

Your Truyu Account

How do I close my Truyu account?
How do I sign in to my account on another device?

Contact with Truyu

I have a complaint
How will I know if it’s really Truyu contacting me?
Why aren’t I receiving emails from Truyu?

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