About us

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Truyu is built and secured by Australia's biggest bank

We are a pilot digital protection tool created by x15ventures, CommBank's corporate venture scaler. Our mission is to empower every Australian to be in control of their identity and reduce the financial, emotional and social impacts of fraud.

During the pilot, when an identity check occurs in your name, Truyu will alert you a majority** of the time. Our current coverage extends to over 60% of all ID checks conducted at merchants across Australia.

In the event of identity misuse, Truyu provides helpful links and remediation prompts to understand how you may re-secure your information as efficiently as possible and avoid additional harm or loss.

We will also alert you if your email addresses have been exposed in a data breach and provide proactive guidance to enhance your online security.

x15ventures is wholly owned by CommBank so your identity and personal details are in good hands. All data is encrypted and stored safely in accordance with our Privacy Policy.