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Truyu is Australia's first digital identity protection tool that alerts you when your identity is being used or misused online. Keep what belongs to you, with Truyu.

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Identity theft

It’s not a case of ‘if’, but ‘when’

199,100 Australians were victims of identity theft in the 2022-23 financial year¹, with people spending up to $34,440 on misuse consequences in 2023².

Your identity can be stolen through things outside your control, like external company data breaches, or a thief accessing personal information like your name, email, phone numbers and credit card information, which they can use to open online accounts and services in your name.

For many Australians, your identity has already been unknowingly compromised, and thieves are simply waiting to exploit it.

ID usage alerts

When your identity is used online, Truyu lets you know

Here's how


A thief steals your identity info in an event like a data breach


They attempt to impersonate you by opening an online account or service


Truyu notifies you and offers steps to prevent further damage
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Regaining control of your ID

Take back what belongs to you with ease

Identity theft can be overwhelming, and leave us struggling with what to do next. If you find you’ve been targeted by identity thieves, Truyu offers simple, effective steps to help you re-secure your information as efficiently as possible to avoid additional harm or loss.

Data breach alerts

See if your personal information is in a data breach

In addition to ID usage alerts, Truyu will also alert you if your registered email address(es) have been exposed in a data breach and provides proactive guidance to enhance your online security.

A data breach can leave a trail of your personally identifiable information available to a fraudster who can then exploit this data point to gain unauthorised access to other accounts. This could lead to them impersonating you online potentially for financial gain.

Data protection

Just tell Truyu what to keep safe and we’ll do the rest

In order to protect your information, Truyu needs to know what to look out for, which requires you to share certain information with us.  We get it - protecting  information by sharing information seems like a catch 22. But with Truyu, your security is our focus, which means the minimal details we require are hashed and encrypted on our services, so no one, including us, can see them.

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Truyu is built and secured by Australia’s biggest bank

Built by x15ventures and wholly owned by CommBank, your identity and personal details are in good hands. Truyu is in the early stages and growing fast. We continue to improve and innovate within the digital protection space and expand our merchant coverage (currently more than 60% coverage of identity checks).

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